A little bit of History.

For those of you that like our history posts, we thought we would share some old photo’s that we have. We are very lucky to call Pier House our home. We believe that we are the current custodians of this piece of history, while we live here.

Have a look at our 8th December 2022 post on facebook here as we left a time capsule whilst renovating.

Pier House dates from pre-1800, we believe, local knowledge tells us. From the 1600’s it was a salt store for the herring industry, built by the Dutch. Although mapping of Scotland was very poor at that time. So we are struggling with an exact date. The building has had many uses over the last 300 years. It has been a customs house and there are remains of the old weigh bridge still visible in the turning point at the front of the property.

In the early twentieth century, it was three separate dwellings and, as can be seen on a map from 1875, it was then used by the Free Church of Scotland and as a School. The next two photos we believe were taken in the 1950’s. Then the next two in the 1960’s you can see quite a few changes. Then the last photo is as it is today.

The View our self catering cottage was originally the boat house which was converted by Pier House’s previous owners and renovated by ourselves in 2021. If you would like to know more about the history of Glencoe you could look here and here.